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About Us

We offer customised services, taking the time to understand the individual needs of our customers and meet their expectations. We are committed to providing comprehensive professional services, offering customised services that span a range of fields. We provide high quality services, commitment and loyalty to our customers, with whom we establish sound and long-lasting professional relationships.

We have 20 years of experience and a strong customer portfolio across various sectors:

  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Distribution
  • Family-owned business
  • Professional services
  • Energy and Environment
  • Real-estate and Construction
  • Industrial products
  • Chemist’s
  • Software & Telecommunications
  • Transport
  • Not-for-profit organisations
Currículum Vitae
  • Degree in Economics and Business Science (University of Barcelona)
  • Collegiate member nº7930
  • Legal and Fiscal Master degree (Polytechnic University of Catalonia)
  • Currently studying a Degree of Law
  • Member of the Register of Tax Advisers Economists (nº 6580) from 2007
  • Targeted programs. Corporate Finance (2010)
  • Targeted programs. Business and Strategic Management (2011)
  • Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English and German
Professional Experience


Performed Management and Financial Management Controller duties within a multinational environment, reporting to the Board of Directors and Senior Management of the group and its subsidiaries (US, Italian, Portuguese and UK businesses...)


  • Established and managed economic and financial departments in various businesses and sectors.
  • Restructured, organised and coordinated accounting, administrative tasks to reduce the time and deadlines to submit the Financial Statements on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
  • Elaborated and presented the Company’s Reporting, cost analysis, income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, budgets, etc... to meet the needs for information and knowledge from third parties such as the Stock Market, Shareholders, Management Board, CEO and Commercial area managers.
  • Supervised the economic side and cost control of the Human Resource Department.
  • Coordinated the relationships with external consultants (lawyers, financial consultants, auditors, consultants, architects...).
  • Responsible for the Legal Area; proposed capital reductions/increases, reduction and simultaneous increase of capital (known as operaciones de acordeón in Spanish), start-up of companies, acquisition and creation of companies; and monitoring of Due diligence. Also responsible for the necessary paperwork for the day-to-day operations of the business; preparation, revision and renewal of buying/selling contracts, for the provision of services, suppliers, leases, etc...; and liaising with Public Administrations (Health Departments, Ministries, Councils...).
  • Occasionally and as a consequence of corporate strategy, together with the Operations Manager and IT Manager, was responsible for the implementation by an external consultant group of an ERP system in the areas of Finance and Distribution / Logistics.


Professional firm

  • All the roles derived from the different fields of economic, financial and fiscal management.
  • Management of accounting and analysis of account balances.
  • Management control functions.
  • Management and coordination of fiscal planning.
  • Accounting and fiscal due diligence.
  • Buying/Selling of businesses.
  • Mercers and Demergers.
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